Experiment sets for science and technology

    • Collections of boxes each dedicated to a specific topic
    • Optimized selection of equipment in each box allowing the realization of a series of experiments
    • Experiments topics directly inspired by international science education programs
    • Modular concept with basic boxes completed by complementary boxes for the complex topics
    • Complete solution combining equipment, chemicals  bundles, educational literature and safe storage system
    • Boxes made of durable plastic with captive lid and pre-formed foam inserts for long-lasting and dust-free storage of components
    • Patented bayonet locking system and incorporated folding handle allows stable stacks to be built and transported with a single hand
    • Hands-on expriments for students reinforce sciences learning and problem solving skills
    • Introduces students to the handling of instruments, deepens theoretical subjects
    • Full experimental documentation with student and teacher books
    • Color coded labels with icons clearly visible for easy identification
    • Designed to help teachers in their practical lessons
Storage system

Available Topics

  • Comprehensive range covering Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering
  • Suitable for all levels of secondary education
  • All feasible experiments are documented and their number is sufficient to cover an entire year of practicals
  • Quantities of chemicals and consummables are foreseen for at least one year of normal use
  • The equipment can be used by groups of 2 students to increase profitability
  • The teacher books contains implementation tips and hints, safety advices as well as a set of typical results and answers to the corresponding student sheets
  • Experiments demonstrate errors and uncertainties encountered during practical hands-on manipulations unlike simulation systems
Educational literature

Student book

  • Precise statement of problem
  • Theoretical fundamentals reminders
  • Necessary equipment list
  • Set-up instructions and sketch of the mounting
  • Procedural instructions
  • Prepared record tables
  • Questions for results evaluation

Teacher book

  • Statement of learning objectives
  • Hints on set-up and safety advice
  • Typical results and diagrams
  • Answers to the questions of the student book