Based in Liège in Belgium, NEO-TECH works with its privileged partners.

Our facilities include a warehouse of more than 2200m²equipped with two loading accesses, modern logistics means suitable for the most complex tasks.

A open space of almost 200m² dedicated to the development of technical offers by our engineers and experts as well as to purchasing and shipping services.

Nearly 200m² of offices including a meeting room, commercial offices, secretariat, financial management and management.

Strategic point, Milmort is ideally located in the heart of Europe.

We are located at the intersections of major roads linking France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Close to our facilities, in order to deliver our equipment on time and thus meet the requirements of our customers, we use the services of Liège airport (Air freight) and the “Liège trilogiport” multimodal platform located along the Albert Canal allowing direct access to the port of Antwerp.